Snout & About public field trip scheduled for June 26th

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Don’t forget about Snout & About, our public doggy field trip, coming up this Saturday! 
We are going to switch things up a bit this time. We’ve been doing appointments for Snout & About since last year because of COVID, but want to see if the old way works better since we had “no shows” every time. This time, participants will line up on the sidewalk in the order they arrive. At 10am we will start assigning dogs on a first come first serve basis. Then you’ll take your Snout & About pup around town for a day of fun and relaxation! 
Check out the FAQs below for even more information.

“Where do I sign up?”
You don’t! Just come on down to the shelter on Saturday morning. Dog pick up will begin at 10:00 am, and go until we run out of dogs. 
“What time do I need to have the dog back to the shelter?”
Drop off time is between 3 and 4:00pm. If you plan to adopt your Snout & About partner, please plan to be back to the shelter by 3:30pm.
“Can I bring my kids?”
Children are welcome, and if we have dogs that we know have been around kids we will do our best to match you up. Most of our dogs come to the shelter as strays, so we don’t always know if they have been around children.
“Can I bring my own dog?”
Please do not. The focus of this field trip is to get dogs out of the shelter for some people time and a dog-free afternoon. 
“Can I take more than one dog?”
No, for the same reasons above. We will only send out one dog per vehicle. 
“Where can I take the dog?”
We will provide a map of our metroparks, however we ask that you do not take your dog to any off-leash dog parks. If you want to take the dog to your home for a romp in the yard and nap on the couch, awesome! Want to treat them to a pup cup or a doggy sundae? They’ll love it!
“Can I adopt my dog?”
Absolutely! If you fall in love with your field trip partner, we will be more than happy to complete an adoption once you return to the shelter. If you plan to adopt your Snout & About partner, please plan to be back to the shelter by 3:30 pm.
“How much does it cost to participate?”
While we are always happy to accept donations, there is no fee to participate in this event. 
“Where should I park?”
Please park in the parking lot directly across from the shelter on the corner of Erie & Hamilton. 
“Do I need to bring anything special?”
Make sure to bring a valid photo ID. If you want to minimize the dogginess of your vehicle, bring a sheet or towel for your seat. You will receive a goodie bag containing poop bags, water, bowl, treats, and a few toys to use through out your day out.