Licensing Your Dog

black dog with white markings wearing red collar and 2023 Ohio Dog license

When Should I License My Dog?

All dogs over three months of age must have a new license every year by January 31. Dog licenses go on sale December 1 for the following year. The license must be purchased immediately after you acquire a dog or move your owned dog into Ohio.

All dogs over 3 months old must wear a valid license tag at all times.

Why Should I License My Dog?

If your dog can walk, your dog can get out!

When we pick up a dog wearing a license, we can:

  • Try to take it HOME, instead of to our shelter, which (while safe) can be stressful and scary for dogs.
  • Contact you to let you know we have your dog, so you can pick it up as soon as possible!
  • Use your dog's name and provide age-appropriate care, reducing it's stress while in our shelter.

First time visitors to LC4 can be picked up with no additional fees or fines when wearing a current license. 

Licensed dogs must be picked up within 14 days, on the 15th day, the dog becomes property of LC4 and we begin evaluating the dog for adoptability.

We don't want to find a new home for your beloved pet. Please license your dogs! 

Where Can I License My Dog?

Click here to purchase or renew your dog’s license online.

In-person renewals are available at:

The Lucas County Auditor’s Office
Lucas County Canine Care & Control
Toledo Lucas County Public Libraries (any branch)
Select License Bureaus
Gladieux Do It Best

Complete list with addresses here!

To thank you for keeping your dog safe with a license, our community partners have offered discounts for current dog license holders! Check out the rewards here!