Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can adopt? 

LC4 offers open adoptions. Most people 18 years and older with a state-issued ID, a plan for vet care and current licenses for all dogs in the home can adopt from LC4.

How much does it cost?

Adoption cost varies based on promotions and sponsorships but is never more than $125. This includes a Lucas County dog license, spay/neuter, microchip and all current vaccinations.

Where can I see adoptable dogs?

Please visit our adoption page for a list of adoptable dogs. Dogs in our care are not considered adoptable until behavior and medical evaluations and a spay/neuter are complete.

If there is a dog you want to meet, please come to the Canine Care Center Mon-Fri 11-5:30 and Sat-Sun 12-4:30 and we will introduce you! 

Lost & Found Dogs

My dog is lost! How do I know if you have it?

Please check our lost and found page at if your dog is missing. Call us at (419)213-2800 if you see your dog, or if you are unsure. You must visit the Canine Care Center to identify your dog.

You have my dog! What do I do?

If we have your dog, please understand the Ohio Revised code requires a current license and proof of rabies vaccination to return your dog to you. A dog license serves as identification and proof of ownership of your dog, current licensure is the best way to ensure a swift return of your dog.

You must come to the Canine Care Center to identify your dog, and you may be assessed a fine and or fees depending on the circumstances that brought it to us and length of stay.

You don't have my dog, but it's still missing! What can I do?

If we don’t have your dog, we can take your information and a description of your dog, anything it was wearing and where it may have been. When finders call us with a stray dog, we can reference this information to help get your dog home as quickly as possible.

I found a stray dog. It seems friendly, what should I do?

If you find a stray dog who is friendly and you can confine it, please do. If you can not care for the dog until its owner is found, you may bring the dog to the Canine Care Center (Mon-Fri 11-6, Sat-Sun 12-5) or call us (419)213-2800 during business hours and we can dispatch a deputy to transport the dog. Please call your local police non-emergency number after hours.

There's a stray dog and I need someone to pick it up, what should I do?

If there is a stray dog who you do not feel comfortable trying to confine, call us at (419)213-2800 during business hours (Mon-Fri 11-6, Sat-Sun 12-5) or your local police non-emergency number after business hours.

Dog Licenses

Does my dog need a license?

All dogs 3 months of age and older are required to be licensed and wear their tag at all times. Licenses can be purchased online or in person. Visit our licensing page for more information.

General Questions

Do you Accept Donations?

Yes! We always need blankets and newspapers. Please check our wish list for more high-need items!