Lost & Found

Lost a Dog?

If you have lost a dog, please come down to the Canine Care Center to look for your lost friend. If you cannot immediately visit, you can check below to see photos of the stray dogs we are currently housing. We also take reports of found dogs in the community, so please call our office to place a lost report in case a citizen calls in about finding your dog. We recommend you visit the Canine Care Center at least every three days to look for your lost dog, and don’t give up! Some dogs are reunited with their owners weeks, or even months after they go missing.

Some other resources for owners of lost pets:

Found a Dog?

If you have found a dog you have several options. You do need to make an effort to reunite the dog with its owner, but you can do that in many ways.

If you would like us to hold the dog for the stray period, you can either bring the dog to us during our open hours, or call the office to arrange for a Canine Control Officer to come to you and pick up the dog.

If you would like to care for the dog at your home while looking for his owner, please call our office to file a found dog report in case the dog’s owner comes in or calls looking for the dog. Other things you should do to attempt to locate the owners include the following:

If you are unable to find the owner of the dog after trying for at least two weeks, you can reasonably make plans to keep the dog, and at that time you need to purchase a dog license and take the dog to see a veterinarian if you haven’t already, to get vaccinated. Please do not rehome a dog that you find as a stray. We see many distraught owners each day who are looking for their lost dogs, and they deserve a chance to find their dog and bring them home.

Lost dogs that have been found…