Introducing the Homeward Bound Initiative

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 Today, August 9, 2022, the Board of Lucas County Commissioners approved a resolution to waive the redemption and citation fees for first-time lost or stray dogs that enter the Canine Care Center wearing current license tags.

Under the Lucas County Canine Care & Control’s Homeward Bound Initiative, owners will not be charged redemption and citation fees if their dogs are picked up or taken to the Canine Care Center and they are wearing current licenses. The fee waiver, which is effective immediately, only applies to first-time dog impounds. Dog owners with previous violations are not eligible.

LC4 Director Kelly Sears said the purpose of the Homeward Bound Initiative is to reunite lost pets with their families more quickly and to encourage owners to purchase annual licenses. Ohio law requires dogs three months of age or older to be licensed.
Stray dogs continue to enter animal shelters at alarming rates across the United States, while the number of licenses purchased by pet owners decline and reclaim numbers remain low. The vast majority of dogs who come into LC4 do not have any identifying information, making it difficult for staff to return lost or stray dogs to their owners.

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