Speckles Seeks Family To Snuggle!

Meet Speckles! 

Speckles is about a year old and has been waiting for a loving family since APRIL. APRIL!! That is way too long to be living in a shelter. Speckles is a handsome young man who wants to be out in the world having adventures and snuggles with a family.
Speckles is very smart, and eager to please which is why he has been a star pupil at Rescue University! Our friends at Canine Karma have helped Speckles realize his love of learning and he can’t wait to continue with his studies after he gets adopted. We are so thankful they have offered some free training classes to help his new family create a bond. 
Unfortunately, due to how long he has been living at the shelter, Speckles mental health as started to deteriorate and he has developed some leash biting and mouthiness behaviors. Our staff and volunteers work hard to try to keep the dogs mentally and physically stimulated during their stay but at the end of the day a kennel is not a home. We are confident that with adequate time to decompress and a family with lots of love and patience, Speckles will be an amazing companion.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Speckles, head down to the shelter to meet him today! You’ll fill out an application to foster or adopt and take this sweet boy home the same day. We do adoptions & fosters Monday-Friday from 11:00am-5:30pm, & Saturday-Sunday 11:00am-4:30pm. If you have other dogs at home, please make sure to bring them along as well as proof of current vaccinations from a veterinarian, and proof that they have a current dog license in your county (if applicable).


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