Big ol' goofball seeks forever family

Is your ideal dog a big ol’ silly boy ? Then Larry is the one for you! Larry has been on the hunt for his forever family since February. That’s forever to a dog! He hasn’t given up hope though. He knows there are out there somewhere looking for him too. 

Since he has been with us for so long we have learned quite a bit about Larry. 
Things Larry loves: 
Long walks in the park (he loves sniffing around and exploring new places) 
Rolling in the grass 
Playing with other dogs (Larry’s play style is a bit rough and loud and not all dogs enjoy it) 
Splashing in the baby pool 
Napping with you on the couch 
Going on car rides 
Dinner time 
Watching movies (mostly for the popcorn)

Things Larry doesn’t love: 
When its not dinner time 
When the treat jar is getting low 
The rain 
When his feet get cold 
Not being included in naptime 
When there is no popcorn shared during the movie 

Larry will thrive in a family with no small children and no cats. He loves to be active so running around in the backyard with the people he loves will be heaven to him. If you would like to meet our resident goofball please call the shelter to set up a time to come hang out.