Cutie’s Fund


The Lucas County Canine Care & Control established Cutie’s Fund in November of 2012. Cutie’s Fund is dedicated to raising support for the treatment of many injured or ill dogs each year. The Fund pays for medical care provided by the veterinarian in the Lucas County Canine Care & Control shelter and for emergency treatment and/or hospitalization in outside institutions. 

The Fund will help dogs like its namesake, Cutie. Cutie is a Chihuahua that we cared for in fall of 2012 that came to us in the middle of the night with a puppy stuck in her birth canal. After some tests and ultimately an emergency surgery, it was determined that Cutie had two deceased puppies that had to be removed to save her life – she had been in labor sometime during the past week, a puppy got stuck, the puppies died, and now Cutie’s life was in danger. If we hadn’t acted quickly, Cutie would not be alive. The bill for only her emergency care exceeded $1400. Cutie is now thriving in a loving, lifetime home.

Each year, with your help, we hope to help numerous dogs receive extraordinary medical attention with the Fund’s support. By contributing to Cutie’s Fund, animal lovers can make a gift to help with emergency and life-saving medical care and for the hospitalization of sick, hurt, or mistreated dogs assisted by the Lucas County Canine Care & Control.  Since the fund was started in November of 2012, it has raised more than $220,000 to go towards providing extra medical care for more than 415 dogs!