Join us on Sunday, June 18th for a special Father's Day Snout and About! 

Give a shelter dog a much needed break from the kennel by going on a field trip around the 419! Maybe a joy ride to a local drive-thru or a stroll at a Metropark, whatever it is, the pup will have a blast going on an adventure with you! Our amazing friends from Original Sub shop will have picnic lunches available for pre-order so you can have a picnic lunch with your new doggy pal! The sack lunches are $10 a piece. Make sure to let us know what kind you want in the comment section: italian, roast beef, turkey, or curried chickpea. 

Sign up here!

How it works:
Dog pick up will start at 10 am. You check in and we get the dog we have matched with you based on your answers in the signup.

You will likely be matched with a "pitbull" type dog as most of the dogs in our care are pitbulls. A collar, harness, leash, map of local parks, and a dog-goodie bag will be provided to all participants. 

Dogs must be returned to the shelter by 4:00 pm so they can get ready for dinner. If you want to make your pup a part of your family we ask that you come back by 3:30 pm so we have adequate time to complete the necessary paperwork. REMEMBER the first 100 adoptions in June are FREE! 


“Where do I sign up?” 
Please select an appointment slot below. 

“What time do I need to have the dog back to the shelter?”
Drop off time is between 3:30pm and 4:00pm. If you plan to adopt your Snout & About partner, please plan to be back to the shelter by 3:30 pm.

“Can I bring my kids?”
Children are welcome, and if we have dogs that we know have been around kids we will do our best to match you up. Most of our dogs come to the shelter as strays, so we don’t always know if they have been around children.

“Can I bring my own dog?”
Please do not. The focus of this event is to get dogs out of the shelter for some one-on-one human time and a stress-free afternoon. Expecting a dog to immediately spend time with another dog can be quite stressful, especially when you trap them both in a car together.

“Can I take more than one dog?”
No, for the same reasons above. We will only send out one dog per vehicle.

“Where can I take the dog?”
We will provide a map of parks across the 419, however we ask to not go to off-leash dog parks for safety reasons. If you want to take the dog to your home for a nap on the couch, go ahead! A trip to a dog friendly business, absolutely!

“Can I adopt my dog?”
Absolutely! If you fall in love with your field trip partner, we will be more than happy to complete an adoption once back at the shelter. Your new furry friend will have a reduced adoption fee of $50 plus a license. If you plan to adopt your Snout & About partner, please plan to be back to the shelter by 3:30 pm.

“How much does it cost to participate?”
While we are always happy to accept donations, there is no fee to participate in this event.

“Where should I park?”
Please park in the City of Toledo parking lot directly across from LC4 on Hamilton.

“Do I need to bring anything special?”
All we ask you to bring is a photo ID. If you want to minimize the dogginess of your vehicle, bring a sheet or towel for your seat. Treats, water, and poop bags are also encouraged, but we will hook you up with a few.



**all information filled out is only visible to LC4 employees and is only used as contact information while participating in Snout & About**