Thanksgiving Sleepover

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The holiday season has arrived. Help us give a homeless pup the gift of spending Thanksgiving in a home. 
Foster pick up: Monday 11/20 – Wednesday 11/22
Foster drop-off: Sunday 11/26 
Please sign up for a pick up spot and answer all the questions. It helps us pick dogs that will fit best with your lifestyle. When you come to your appointment you will meet the dogs who we believe will be the best fit. Please note that most of the dogs will be medium to large adult dogs. Smaller dogs and puppies get adopted more quickly. 
Fostering is available to Lucas and Wood County residents. We ask that you bring proof of current vaccinations from a veterinarian and dog license (if you live in Wood County) for your resident dogs. To ensure that everyone gets along, please bring any dogs and children who will share the home with your foster pup. When you pick up your sleepover pal we will schedule a time for them to come back to the shelter on Sunday. 
To sign up for a pick up time just click the link below
Every dog will go home with a container of food, leash & collar, and goodie bag. If you choose to adopt the dogs you are fostering, GREAT! Give us a call so we can let you know the steps to complete the adoption. While the dog is in your care please share them with your friends and family and on social media in the hopes that they can find their forever home before coming back to the shelter. We ask that you take lots of photos and fill out their report card so we can share their experiences on social media.
Thank you so much for giving a homeless dog a much needed break from shelter life. The information we will learn from their time with you will help us make better matches with adopters.