Programs / Services

Lucas County Canine Care & Control provides a variety of services and offers a number of programs to benefit our community.


Learn more about our adoption program and available dogs.

Lost and Found Dogs

About two thirds of the dogs we care for come to us as strays. Most of these dogs have had loving homes, but somehow slipped away.

Learn more about what you should do if you have lost or found a dog.

phdtrainerPhD Program

We are very proud of our PhD program (prisoners helping dogs). This is a partnership between Lucas County Canine Care & Control and Toledo Correctional Institution where homeless dogs are paired with inmate trainers. The dogs go and live at the correctional facility for a five week period where they live in the cells with their inmate trainers and learn all their basic manners. By the time the dogs come back to the shelter to go back up for adoption they are all house trained, crate trained, know all their basic manners and even know a trick or two! This is a wonderful program that allows unwanted dogs to become wonderful adoption candidates and allows inmates the opportunity to give back to the community and help save the lives of dogs. The inmate trainers are screened and attend class twice weekly with a Canine Care Center staff member to guide their training. 

Transfer Program

Lucas County Canine Care & Control partners with many other organizations that have dog adoption programs to expand our network for dogs in need. We work with all-breed rescues as well as breed specific groups to move dogs in need on to groups that can help prepare them for their new homes. If you are affiliated with a 501c3 nonprofit organization that would like to help one or more Lucas County dogs in need please contact Laura to get more information and get the process started to become an approved Transfer Partner.